Fire your stock analyst, do your own research

About MoneyOffice

Our mission is simple – to apply our in-depth knowledge of technology to devise innovative tools to make stock investment fun and profitable.

Our Target Users

  • Private investors who are looking for quality stocks to buy and hold for 5 years or more.
  • Stocks & shares investors who wish to identify companies with good financial performance and strong balance sheets.
  • Investors who want to independently calculate the intrinsic value and expected annual return for a specific stock.
  • Income-seeking investors who prefer to invest in safe dividend paying companies for regular cash flows.
  • Serious long-term investors who manage their own stock portfolio and want to do their own stock research.

Our Expertise

  • We are fluent in stock analysis and company valuation.
  • Our investment circle of competent is a focus on stable profitable UK businesses that are fairly certain to exist and be more valuable 10 years from now.
  • We have over a decade of successful track record in developing and delivering software applications for the financial services sector.
  • We specialised in Microsoft technologies. Creating tailor-made software to run on desktop, web and mobile platforms.

Our Passion

  • Identifying and building software tools to make stock investment fun and profitable using our in-depth knowledge in technology and equity.
  • Keen interest in learning successful investment strategies practised by the money masters.
  • Seek out and study well-run businesses managed by exceptional leaders.

Our Services

  • We provide software development services to companies on tactical and strategic systems.
  • We have proven good track record in building and delivering software solutions to some well-known global financial companies.
  • We build industrial-strength applications for Windows desktop, web and mobile platforms using Microsoft technologies.