Investment tools to do your own stock research
Stock Analysis Tools

Stock Analysis Tools

Successful long-term stock investment involves identifying profitable companies with sustainable competitive advantage and consistent above average financial performance. Quite often, it is not that easy to pinpoint the company’s long-term competitive advantage without some form of insider knowledge or in-depth research about the business. Nevertheless, a business that enjoys leading market share and regularly generates above average industry margins and return on investments can assume to exhibit some kind of competitive advantage over its competitors.

You can use the available suite of stock analysis tools to find potential stocks to invest for long-term. Your analysis and research should cover the company’s competitive advantage in every aspect - markets, products, customers, employees, distribution channels, finances and so on.

  • Stock total return analysis tool

    Stock Total Return

    Want to find out how much profit you would have made if you were to invest in a particular stock a few years ago?
    Want to know, from the total return for shareholders, the percentage return between dividends and share price appreciation?

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  • Company balance sheet analysis tool

    Balance Sheet Analysis

    Besides assets and liabilities information, the balance sheet can also tell you where the company’s funds come from and what they are spent on. This tool takes an X-ray picture of the balance sheet for each financial year and presents the data in a graphical form so you can easily spot trends and significant movement items in the balance sheets.

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  • Business financial performance analysis tool

    Financial Performance Analysis

    This tool allows you to examine the business financial performance over a number of years. Its calculates and shows the relevant financial measures for you to investigate trends in margins, return on investments, quality of earnings and cash generation records.

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  • Business growth analysis tool

    Growth Analysis

    Profitable businesses that repeatedly reported good growth rates year after year are much loved and valuable. This is because the business’s growth rate is the most important factor in determining the company value. This tool will crunch all the numbers for you so you can see the various growth rates for the company.

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  • Business financial health analysis tool

    Business Health Check

    Professional investors identified poor financial health, poor business models and poor management are the most common causes of underperforming stocks. The most common cause of grief is poor financial health. Use this tool to protect your investment by ensuring the stocks you invested in are financially strong.

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  • Key financial ratios that every investor should know

    Investment Magic Numbers

    Rather than spending hours trawling through the often confusing and misleading company financial statements, this time-saving tool can quickly crunch all the numbers and generate a comprehensive set of financial ratios to give investors a strong understanding of the company’s finances and its performance. Serious investors need to identify and invest in businesses with superior economic characteristics that are managed by people who are passionate about their business.

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  • Company red flags detection tool

    Financial Statement Red Flags Detector

    The Financial Statement Red Flags Detector analyses the financial statements to provide a general overview of the various warning signs & risk factors investors should take note of. They do not necessary suggest fraud but merely indicator that further in-depth research is needed to ensure the safety of your investments.

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  • Advanced stock portfolio management tool

    Stock Portfolio Manager

    A fabulous stock portfolio management tool to help you to monitor business performance and track investment returns.

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